County Landfill


Lincoln Landfill Office


In an ongoing effort to keep the Lincoln County Landfill in compliance with the Colorado Solid Wastes Disposal Sites and Facilities Act, the following will be the hours of public operation for the county landfill beginning on July 1, 2017:

Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Last Load in the gate at 2:45 PM 

Saturday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Last Load in the gate at 11:45 AM

Closed on Sunday

Closed on recognized Lincoln County holidays as well as occasionally on Saturdays and during inclement weather, when major roadways are closed.
(Check with 511 or cotrip.org for I-70 and 40/287 closures)

Questions may be directed to the landfill at (719) 763-2465.

*Un-separated loads will be charged 4 times more than the regular rates*


Smoking and vaping are not allowed on the landfill property.

Allen Chubbuck

On high wind days, call to see if the landfill is open.

719-763-2465 - Office & Fax

27510 County Road 3E
PO Box 173
Genoa, CO 80818



Landfill Etiquette and Proper Procedures Regarding Entering and Exiting The New Scales  

By Brenda Howe

Please pay close attention as you enter the property.  If another party is waiting on the scales, please stay to the right and far enough away from the scales so they can easily exit the property. Do not block the gate and remember Commercial haulers have priority when exiting.  
Look for the attendant in the window and the stop/go lights to direct you to pull on the scale.  When entering the landfill, if no one is on the scales and you do not see anyone in the window, please honk your horn DO NOT PROCEED onto the scales, until an employee arrives. When directed to pull forward, please drive SLOWLY onto the scales and remain in your vehicle during the weighing process.
Once you have been weighed you need to pull off the scales slowly, and park to the right away from the scale ramp.  We will want to inspect your load, confirm residency, and record your license plate numbers.  Please disclose all items you are hauling so we can direct you where to properly dump.  Please respect Lincoln County residents and do not lie about where the materials you are hauling come from.  Landfill operator reserves the right to refuse service, and/or bill additionally.
Our priority as a landfill is to serve the residents of Lincoln County.
Scavenging is not allowed at the landfill.  Go only to where you have been directed to dump. Return to the scales when you are finished dumping, so we can get your empty weight and calculate your charges.  Pull on the scales SLOWLY.
Once you have been weighed you may pull off the scales and park to the right far enough away from the scale ramp/entrance that other customers have room to safely enter the scales.  Then walk back to the office to pay.  IF no other customers are waiting for the scale, you may exit your vehicle and use the catwalk to pay in the office, keeping your transaction as brief as possible. 
It never hurts to call ahead to be sure the landfill is open. (719) 763-2465 High winds, inclement weather and road closures do cause the landfill operator to refuse to accept business. 
Always tarp, cover or cargo net your household waste & yard debris and strap or tie down furniture, wood & appliances BEFORE YOU HEAD TO THE LANDFILL, or you will be charged 75% surcharge on your load. (that’s 4X the normal rates)
Customers must be out of the property gates by closing time so the last load is accepted at 15 minutes before closing. The landfill operator may refuse to allow you to dump if they do not believe you will be able to dump and exit the property by 3PM Mon-Fri and Noon on Saturday.  We are closed Sundays. 

From Hugo: Turn North on Hwy 109. Go approx. 7 miles and turn left on 3E (first dirt road) and proceed West approx. 2 1/2 miles.

From Limon: Take I-70 to Genoa/Hugo exit and turn right on Hwy 109 proceeding approx. 2 miles South. Turn right at 3E (first dirt road) and then proceed approx. 2 1/2 miles.
Take I-70 service road from Limon and proceed East to the overpass (first Stop sign) approx. 5 1/4 miles and then turn right on Rd 28 and proceed South approx. 1 1/2 miles. Turn right on 3E and proceed approx. 1/2 mile to the entrance. 

  • Payment must be made after unloading and weighing out. Stop in Office to submit payment.
  • No bills over $20.00 will be accepted.
  • Debt and Credit card processing is not available.
  • No ATM on-site. 
    • Hugo
      • Loaf 'n' Jug
      • FNB Hugo
    • Limon
      • Multiple locations

  • This is a LANDFILL, not a DUMP. Everything has it's place!
  • Smoking and vaping are not allowed on the landfill property.
  • All out of county residents pay 4 times to normal county rate.
  • Dumping in areas not designated by landfill employees WILL result in a charge that will be billed to you at 4 times to normal county rate.
  • All loads must be tarped, tied and secured or a surcharge will be assessed on the load, 4 times to normal county rate.
  • All mixed loads WILL be separated or you will be charged 4 times to normal county rate.
  • Keep kids off of dirt piles and use caution around equipment.
  • Scavenging is NOT permitted.
  • Commercial haulers from out of county are prohibited from using the landfill.
  • Dead animals and auto bodies are prohibited from the landfill.
  • Tires WITH RIMS will not be accepted.

Please NOTE: Per Colorado State Regulations, we are required by law to shut down the landfill in high winds. Please call before coming up to ensure that we are taking trash at that time.

*Un-separated loads will be charged 4 times more than the regular rates*

This landfill DOES NOT ACCEPT

  • Ag Bags
  • Wind tower blades
  • Pond liners
  • Dead animals
  • Car bodies
  • Large tree stumps
  • *Un-separated loads
  • Appliances with Freon 
    • Refrigerators/chest freezers
    • Air conditioners
    • Water coolers




$10.00 Minimum gate fee for loads weighing less than 1000 lbs.
All trash will be assessed at $21.00/ton.

  • Rates will be determined by ¼ ton (500 lbs.) and weights will be rounded up.
  • Out-of-country loads will be assessed at 4 times the county rate.
  • Unsecured loads will be assessed at 4 times the county rate.

Appliance & Furniture - $10.00/ each piece

Lincoln County Commissioners have announced that there will be rate increases for tire disposal at the Lincoln County Landfill.


  • *Car - $6.00 each
  • *Semi-Truck - 12.00 each
  • *Super Single Semi - $24.00

* ANY Tires containing rims will be charged at 2X the listed rate of that specific tire.

  • **Small Tractor - $30.00 each
  • **Large Tractor - $45.00 each

** assessed on site and NO tractor tires on rims

Batteries - $2.00 each
Electronics - $5.00 each    
Monitors and TV's assessed at $1.00 per inch on the diagonal.

We CLOSE to household trash when the windspeed warrants closure. Please call ahead  (719) 763-2465


The Colorado Department of Health and Environment (Solid Waste Division) has mandated that all Landfills in the State have to be compliant with regulations or close and transfer their waste to another Landfill. Lincoln County Commissioners feel that the landfill is a vital component for the residents of Lincoln County and that it will remain available for many years into the future. 
Please understand that fee increases are necessary to provide that future.

We encourage you to call before coming to the landfill because occasionally there will be times the landfill must close or have a late start due to weather, maintenance or training.  We strive to announce any planned closures in the local newspaper and have it on the answering machine but occasionally these things are unavoidable. i.e., blizzards  
OFFICE # (719) 763-2465